Read Death Do Us Part by Robert Silverberg until at least the following paragraph: “Marilisa hasn’t entered on any career path yet. It’s much too soon. She is, after all, still in her first life, too young for Process, merely in the Prep stage yet. Just a child, really. She has dabbled in ceramics, written some poetry, composed a little music. Lately she has begun to think about studying economics or perhaps Spanish literature. No doubt her actual choice of a path to follow will be very far from any of these. But there’s time to decide. Oh, is there ever time!”

1. After reading a good bit, compare and contrast the parts of the short story that show elements of a future UTOPIA and elements that show a future DYSTOPIA

2. In which direction does this short story lean more, a utopian direction or a dystopian one?

This is an informal writing. Try and produce at least three or four paragraphs. Compose this piece as a Word Document in MLA format and submit it here before the end of class.

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