Reflection on SimProject

Engaging in a simulation is a great learning opportunity. In the case of SimProject, you get to be project
managers for a few hours and experience some of the realities of that role in a way otherwise not directly
available to you. A simulation is necessarily simplified to reduce the impact of extraneous factors and to
focus on the major issues of interest. Sim
Project enables a thorough exploration of many common project
management issues such as planning, resource allocation, change management, and balancing multiple
potentially conflicting objectives.
A reflection paper is an opportunity to integrate your ow
n background and experience with
what can be
learned from SimProject
and narrate how your knowledge has evolved through your engagement in the
. A reflection paper is an opportunity for you to cement in your own mind the relevant lessons
be ga
rnered from the simulation
. Not everything in the
may be relevant (though I hope you will
retain the relevant knowledge for a point in the future when it will be relevant). Thus, not everything
participation in the simulation
needs to make
to make an appearance in the reflection paper. Relating
relevant personal experiences is highly recommended so that I can more clearly understand the
perspective upon which the
experience of the simulation
landed. It is also a good idea to begin the exerci
outlining your understanding of
project management
before you started it. There are no right or wrong
answers in this exercise and
in my experience, each reflection is quite unique given the diversity of
understanding and experiences across the class. The paper must be at least 2 single spaced pages long and
will be submitted to TurnItIn
You can also understand more a
bout reflection exercises by
looking at the ‘how
to’ guide on bb.
There are a couple of traps you should avoid: the first is to have your paper be a regurgitation of the
course material without any significant insight into your own thinking and what has c
hanged; the second
trap to avoid is for your paper to be preaching a position you already have and amassing evidence in
support of that position. As you should in
, come with an open mind, examine what you know and
don’t know and appreciate the dyn
amic learning taking place during the

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