Reflective Essay on Bel Canto novel and A way to see life anew essay.

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In her essay “A way to see life anew; how a hostage story inspired the haunting novel Bel Canto,” Ann Patchett writes:
But more than anything, I wanted to find a way to grieve for something I had read about in the paper. The disasters I find there make me dizzy. They reel by me in a state of constant abstraction. Seven children shot in a school, 258 people killed in a plane crash, 10,000 lost in an earthquake. These are numbers I can’t understand, and I find myself thinking these are things that happen someplace far away, to people I don’t know. How could I begin to separate out every life, to acknowledge it, grieve for it, learn from it? I couldn’t do it every time, but with this story I thought, just once I wanted to try.
1: write an essay on the grieving:
GRIEVING: Follow up on this notion of Ann Patchett writing Bel Canto as a way of grieving a media event. By drawing direct reference to the terrorists in the novel, to the relationships they form with their hostages, and to the novel’s violent ending, analyze the ways in which Bel Canto could be read as a testament to grief. Does Patchett’s use of language, plot, and characterization soften the realities of the events she describes, or do these artistic tools risk detracting from the gravity or the horror of such events?
Please support your response with at least three quotations from the novel as well as at least two from the linked sources . Quotations must be properly introduced/integrated into your writing and must be cited according to MLA convention.
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