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Reflective Journal Template
Write a 250 word reflection using the following templates as a guide to describe how the week’s learning has affected your thought processes, development, and professional disposition. This statement should reflect your personal learning process, challenges, moments of discovery, life experiences and interactions. Format citations in your reflective statement using APA style. Include references at the end of your journal reflection. Must be typed in 12 font.
1. Identify personal insights, moments of critical questioning, and comments or ideas from this week’s readings, class discussions, or service-learning experiences that have affected you. Relate your reflection on theory from weekly seminars and/or practice in the community. What have I learned?
2. Describe why these insights, questions, and ideas are important to you. What effect do they have? What dilemmas, questions, or possibilities do they raise? How do these issues affect the clarity, order, or confusion of you thinking? What does this mean? How does this relate to the material I am studying? So what have I learned?
3. What are you going to do now? What issues, questions, and dilemmas are you going to explore further? Why and how? How will your actions influence who you are and how you relate to others? What guidelines can you construct to continue this process of reflective and critical learning? Now what will I do differently? What do I need to explore further
The above is the template for the assignment. In addition I like you to note that this is a nursing course and this course is called CNUR 100. In the assignment we are told to reflect on the week’s learning – include Way of being and Safety
I’ve been posted to Riverside Mission for my community service. The Riverside mission roles include providing shelter for the homeless, they also provides lunch and dinner for NOT only their residence but to people that cannot afford a proper meal. My duties in the Riverside Mission includes serving during meals, and also cleaning up after dinner this includes washing the dishes.
PLS: If you need any additional info, pls do not hesitate to contact me on 1-306-6312845. Thanks
Reflection is an essential component of service learning, serving as the bridge between experiences and learning. “Reflection provides an opportunity for people who are serving to open their hearts and minds to the experiences of others, to acknowledge their wisdom and understand their resources, strengths and needs, and to develop action plans that involve partnership with communities, and prevent doing harm” (
Reflection is a critical component of service learning. Students connect the service with what they learnt through critical discussions, presentations, & focus groups (Hoebeke, McCullough, Cagle & Clair, 2009)
Students will keep a reflective journal of experiences in the agency setting. In the following section, you will find some helpful resources for journal writing as you venture out into your community agency. Students will use reflective journal template for journal submissions. (Appendix A)
What is Reflective Journal Writing?
Your journal focuses on an incident, situation, or event involving a person or a feeling and it should help you reflect upon and analyze that particular aspect of your service learning. Reflective journaling is not meant to be a diary or just a daily list of activities; rather, it begins with a description of an event and explores thoughts and feelings related to the event.
Effective Reflection: The purpose of keeping a journal of your experiences is to provide an avenue for critical reflection on the meaning of your service, both personally and academically. By doing this, you will learn firsthand how theory guides practice. Writing may influence your understanding of society and your own values. This activity is an opportunity to examine your place in the community and over time may help you grow as an individual and as a professional nurse.

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