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This is the essay portion of Test I. You have the whole test period to work on this. Do not wait until the last minute. When you are ready you can submit it. You MUST do your own writing as a seperate document and attach it to this drop box, similar to how many of you do your 1-page papers. DO NOT send this to me any other way except through this drop box. It MUST be done as a WORD document or saved as an rtf file if you have another program such as word perfect when sent as an attachment.
This portion of the test is comprised of 5 short answer essays. How long should it be? Each essay answer should be at least 1/2 page, double spaced, 10-12 point font; In all, your total submission should be at least two and half pages to 3 pages max. Be concise with your answer, no fluff. Be as thorough as you can within 1 paragraph; this presses you to think carefully, construct your thoughts and your wording; in other words, don’t blow smoke up my dropbox! You can be very thorough in a short essay if you write well and construct you answer in a thorough manner. Again, your submission should include 5 short answer essays; your submission should contain all 5 essays, DO NOT send 5 separate submissions, you will be allowed only 1 submission.
Short Answer Essay #1 choose one of the following
A. Since indigenous religious groups do not have sacred texts, discuss how they have passed their beliefs down over time, including the various important tribal roles and vaious methods of of how these beliefs are passed down.
B. Explain and discuss the 4 various ways the concept of the soul is understood in many native american religions.
Short Answer Essay #2 : choose one of the following:
A. How does the religion of Hinduism fit Catherine Albanese’s definition of religion? give examples.
B. According to Joseph Campbell, what are the four primary functions of relgious myth and why is myth important for believers of religious faith?
Short Answer Essay #3 : choose one of the following:
A. Discuss the relationship between Brahman and Atman in Hinduism and according to Hindu thought what happens between the two when moksha is achieved?
B. Discuss one of the Hindu festivals and what it celebrates and the significance that tradition and festivals have in the life of a believer? why are tradtitions such as festivals important in the life of believers?
Short Answer Essay #4 : Explain the concept of samsara, karma, and reincarnation found in Hinduism
Short Answer Essay #5 :
Explain and discuss the what the Hindu concept of Varna-Ashrama-Dharma is and its importance in Hindu thought.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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