Remembering an Event

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1. choose an event
– list and describe the places, people and reconstruct conversation
2. event significance
3. audience
4. thesis statement
5. overall impression
There is NO sources or references.
About myself,
– international student
– female
– living in US about 3 years
– in undergraduate program
I was thinking to write an essay about the time when I got a dog in this summer ( an incident that changed me in a particular way or revealed as aspect of my personality I had not seen before) including following informations:
– I have 5 months old mini goldendoodle
– the reason I bought a dog is because I don’t have friends, even people say it is easy to make friends but the person like me who is super shy is really hard to be friends with somebody.
– I used to be super isolated , but now I became more easy going and my life becoming more healthy and productive
– learned so many thing from a dog, and got connect with a lot of people through the dog.
– my dog change my life, and will keep lead me a better way
– having a dog is kind of an investment to encourage me to study hard to pursue my education and for a better life in the future
FULL 2 pages with double space
to make an essay as well told story,
– add specific narrative actions
– explore a revealing or pivotal moment
– refining the purpose and setting goals
– use prepositional phrases
– sentence strategy: time transitions and verb tenses
– construct a narrative outline outlining draft

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