Representing Parenting

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Please follow every step in the guidelines I have attached and follow the grading system for this assignment, so I can get a full credit.
Representing Parenting
Examine ten different magazines about parenting. You may use several issues of the same magazine, but
you must include at least three different titles. Titles should be popular magazines such as Parenting,
Parents, Working Mother, and Christian Parenting. (Students should be able to find magazines in UNL
libraries or community libraries.) Analyze the content of the magazines by focusing on the following
1. What parenting issues are discussed in each magazine?
2. What parenting styles are most often advocated?
3. Is the traditional family structure considered normal?
4. How are mothers, fathers, and children portrayed in photographs (including advertisements)? (think about race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender roles, etc.)
5. Are issues of infertility addressed? If so, what is said about infertility?
Compare the views of parenting presented in the magazines with the material in your textbook. Are these
views similar or different? Also, are the views presented in the magazines consistent with each other?
Explain these similarities and differences. Though you should address each of the 5 issues above, you
should select two or three areas to focus on in more detail.
Include a page of alphabetized references at the end of your paper. Because you are using popular magazines, rather than scholarly journals.

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