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I have decided to write a paper about the paleo diet (caveman diet). Please follow the instructions given by the professor below:
Main goal: Write a term paper about a popular diet approach to lose weight. You can pick any of the diets listed in the Diet Table (red button on the left), or you can select one that is not listed.
Details regarding the body of the paper:
1) Describe in detail everything about your diet, and why you chose to write about this diet.
2) Describe the history/origin of the diet.
3) Discuss the structure of the diet.
4) Explain how the diet affects the different organs/glands and organ systems.
5) How does the human body benefit from this diet?
6) What problems/diseases can result from this diet?
7) Any cures/treatments for the problems/diseases in #6?
8) Include a sample menu for one week.
9) Include any other fun facts/interesting information regarding your diet.
Details regarding the writing of the paper:
1) Include a cover page with the title, your name, course number, date.
2) Double spaced, 7 to 10 pages of writing (not including figures or reference page).
3) Ten or 12 point font; 1 inch borders.
4) Include a reference page with at least three different peer reviewed references – one reference can be your text book.
5) Make sure that you include citations/references within the text where appropriate (i.e. statistics, data).
This paper is run through safe assign, so it is extremely important that it is not plagiarized.

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