Research the Criminal Career of Pablo Escobar

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o Provide an introduction and background on who Pablo Escobar was and
what he is notorious for.
Body – must address each of the following prompts:
* Apply criminal behavior concepts to his actions.
* Describe the patterns seen in his criminal activities.
For example, did the pattern of his criminal activity change or stay
If they changed, identify and describe what types of patterns you
see in his criminal activities.
* Identify which criminal behavior concept can be applied in examining the
illegal activities of Escobar and explain why this concept fits.
o Define the Social Conflict Theory, identify the social and economic factors
surrounding Escobar and his crimes, and explain how we can apply the
Social Conflict Theory to Escobar?s crimes.
* Summarize the key points of your paper.
* Reflect on and assess the value of what you have learned through the
completion of this project. How could you apply what you learned in order
to become more successful in the workforce?
* How has your thought process changed as a result of working on this
project? Describe what you might do differently if asked to complete
similar projects in the future.
* What advice would you give to a student who is just beginning this
Reference Page
APA Formatting
* At least five (5) typed pages (not including Title page, and Reference Page)
* 12 point Arial or Times New Roman Font
* One-inch margins
* Double-spaced
* Page Numbers in the top right corner
APA Citation
* Include a minimum of five (5) references, with at least three (3) scholarly
* Reference Page and in-text citations
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