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This paper will provide you an opportunity to analyze and make recommendations regarding resource management. These recommendations will be targeted at financial/budget, materials, and personnel for a current work site unit/division/organization or a proposed system.
The paper will consist of the following elements:
• Title page
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Body of paper with proper headings in APA format
• Recommendations and conclusions
The paper will focus on primarily resource management-financial/materials and personnel. Recommendations should be based on legal, ethical, scope, and standards of practice for the Nurse Administrator guidelines considering the Christian Worldview.
Include the following in the paper:
• Introduction/Background data for the unit/division or organization—including an overview of the system and type of services delivered to the population and any special consideration for budget, safety, quality, or special needs for resources related to payor mix, etc. The vision and mission of the system and proposed outcomes (delivery of services, etc.) should also be identified in the background/introduction. The mission and vision should underpin the delivery of services, workforce development, and work environment.
• Information regarding the Quality Safety Education in Nursing (QSEN) Initiative, how this impacts the budget, and use of resources for this system.
• Financial/Material Management: Provide an in-depth discussion on reimbursement and types of revenue streams for this system: DRG’s, PPS’s, capitation, HMO structure, Medicare, Medicaid, or other current legislative measures such as the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010. Discuss strategies based on theory or peer reviewed literature, to ensure an environment of quality and safety outcomes.
• Discuss recommendations for cost containment opportunities and strategies, such as opportunities for productivity, cost benefit analysis, patient/client classifications, staff mix, or other strategies to contain cost, yet provide excellent care that is safe and ensures quality.
• Discuss materials management (specific for this unit/division/organization) and how this will be achieved. Are there any special considerations? Discuss how the Christian Worldview influences these decisions.
• Provide recommendations for operations, budget, staffing, etc. based on the literature and the text.
• Personnel Management: Discuss proposed recommendations for recruitment, retention strategies, opportunities for continuing education, and career advancement or other pertinent personnel issues specific to the system.
• Discuss strategies for a safe working environment which considers job descriptions, skill mix, scheduling needs, and patient/client classification systems. Discuss how the Christian Worldview influences these decisions. Consider innovative and new ideas found in the literature, and also how the Magnet Initiative impacts nursing.
The paper will be 10–15 pages in length, excluding title page, abstract, and bibliography. Current APA format will be followed.

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