For this week’s Discussion, you are asked to analyze an article selected by the Instructor to consider the role of the theoretical framework used in the study, and the appropriateness of the conceptual framework emerging from the study.








Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks




In this Discussion, you will put your understanding of theoretical and conceptual frameworks into action by analyzing an article.




To prepare for this Discussion:




Review the readings for this week as well as the media segment on theory.


Consider the distinctions between a theoretical framework and a conceptual framework in qualitative research.


Analyze the article provided by your instructor. Note that the authors are using a theoretical framework to design the study, and creating a conceptual framework from the data. To what extent is the theoretical framework effective for this study? To what extent do the results of the study support the conceptual framework?




With these thoughts in mind:




Post by Day 3, a 5- 6 paragraph analysis of the theoretical framework used to design the study described in the article and how a different framework might have been used. Then, discuss the appropriateness of the conceptual framework that the authors have created on the basis of the results.

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