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With the advancement in technology, restaurant and hotels are beginning to change the way they provide service to customers. I believe, there is less personal communication between a staff and a customer and that is because services like checking in and out and ordering from a staff has been replaced by a computer. Everything is now digitalized. This type of hospitality has become less intimate and thus less traditional than before. That being said, as owners yearn for a more efficient and cheaper way in running things, they have found it easier to incorporate computers and applications to run their hotels and restaurants rather than actual staff. Although the pursuit in this system efficiency is desirable, it takes away the sincerity in providing hospitality to customers. This system also makes it more feasible for owners to expand because of the money they saved once they started using computers and reduced staff. That way, businesses can branch out into different cities or even countries to make their name known as well as accommodate as many people as they can. If the customers enjoyed the services that the businesses provided then more than likely they will stay with that hotel wherever it is provided depending on the location where they stay.


I believe that there are many plans needed to be taken into consideration when traveling. One of the two most important factors when making an itinerary is the places to eat as well as hotel accommodations. In my opinion, it is convenient to have hotels around airports because depending on what kind of travel that is being taken place, whether it is business or not, there should be some kind of easy access to getting to-and-from airport to hotel. Also, layovers can be frustrating to some travelers, and to have a hotel or restaurants in terminals can make the experience less more irritating and rather pleasant. This creates good business for both airports and airlines that want their customers happy thus making them frequent these hotels. We can see this kind of business with food stations that are already in airports. Although the prices are high, people who are limited to travel have no way to travel outside the airport so they are ‘forced’ to buy what is close to them thus creating business for airport vendors. This idea goes the same for hotels. It is convenient for business travelers or for travelers who are stuck in layovers.

For other travelers who are outside the realm of business and layovers need not worry about staying around the airport. For these people, they have the luxury of exploring outside airport meals. There are people who actually explore culinary foods that are foreign to them which is a great experience in learning the culture. Foods create a great experience for the average traveler because that is one way to relate to the people of that culture which is to taste the kind of food they eat daily.

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