Response to 2 discussion board posts 100 words each with scholarly reference (Informatics)


Health Level Seven (HL7) standards are not the only standards that are evolving to fit the changing health care model. What other organizations are instrumental in supporting the development of standards and helping to define data exchange?

Each student can choose one of the following organizations, and provide a brief overview of the organization’s contribution to the development of Health Data Standards. Please provide a minimum of 200 words, and use at least two scholarly resources.

Please respond to at least two of your peers using a minimum of 100 words, and at least one scholarly resource.




The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) was founded nearly a century ago, and is responsible for setting health standards (ANSI, n.d.).  The institution not only regulates standards for the United States but also internationally.  Webster (2010) reported that national standards are less of a hassle to finalize as opposed to international. The institution strengthens safety regulations, which results in the improvement of the health of consumers.  It is believed that development of standards demonstrates a professions’ integrity (Oates, 2013).  Nursing is a part of the health care profession, and it is the most trusted profession.  This must be due to continuous development of regulations that will better the health of current and future consumers.

The American National Standards Institute is also included as one of the associations to determine the accreditation status of health organizations.  This plays a part in the development of standards.  ANSI (n.d.) provides accreditation to organizations to develop and maintain standards under the American National Standards.  Should individuals of an organization not become a member of ANSI, they can opt to pay an accreditation fee (ANSI, n.d.).


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The laws and regulations pertaining to Health Data Standards and the transfer of patient records vary when borders are crossed.  In the recent years, there has been a universal shift in thinking of the practicality of an electronic records health system.  Having this type of system would require international government bodies to adopt the same standards and regulations regarding the legalities of transferring patient information (Murray, 2012). Although it is convenient for the patient and the physician for records to be easily accessible, it is vital that security remains high and privacy is protected.

There are many facets and organizations that play a vital role in the implementation of an electronic health records system. In 2005, the United States Congress granted The American Health Information Community (AHIC) the authority to form an advisory committee that would address topics related to health information technology.  The goal of AHIC was to develop a plan that would accelerate the development and adoption of a national electronic health record system.  Their ideas and suggestions were to be proposed to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  AHIC was successful in creating the first phase; it was imperative for the first phase to prioritize areas of significance that would affect the implementation of this technology.  In 2008 AHIC transitioned to the National e-Health Collaborative (NeHC).


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