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Textbook: How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education by
Jack R. Fraenkel, Norman E. Wallen, and Helen H. Hyun
The Title of my research paper is: America`s Support to Refugees.
Please follow the instructions carefully as the professor is very precise.
How to Write Chapter 2: Review of Literature
Chapter 2 allows you to synthesize related literature to the focus of your study. You are providing a background of information pertaining to your topic. You need to document in this section that you are aware of the major “players” in your field of study. Keep in mind that you are not just listing source after source, but rather you are explaining what others have done and relating that to your planned study. For example, you might explain a project design someone else did on your topic, and then relate that to a difference in your design.
Chapter 2 should be approximately 8 pages in length. You are sorting your information by topic. These topics should come from your synthesis outline, but keep in mind that document changes as you find more sources.
My advice is to gather as many sources as you can that have information on your topic. I like to have a large space (such as a table) to work. Make sure your articles, book info, interview notes, etc. are not printed on front-back paper. Then, highlight and/or cut out particular information from the source that you want to use in your Review of Literature. Group these highlighted or cut-out sections in piles on your table with Post-It-Note group headings. You have to keep track of where that info came from, so I suggest keeping a bibliography page with complete APA information for all of your sources. Number those sources, and write the corresponding number on your highlighted or cut-out pieces. Then, when you have gone through your sources, you can look at the headings/piles you have made to see if you want to combine any or possibly even separate some larger piles into subcategories. This is helping you to create your final synthesis outline. From there, you use your headings as topic guides and begin writing your Chapter 2. It’s recommended that you use headings throughout your Chapter 2 to provide organization. Some topics may only have two or three paragraphs where others will have two to three pages.
One comment that she made on the other paper you wrote for me was: Make sure you don’t over capitalize. Only the first letter of the first word of the title and subtitle.
If you need to take 15 days instead of 10, that is fine. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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