Risk Analysis and Response Presentation Resource University

Write a 10 – 12 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you do the following:
 Identify the risks associated with the supplier expansion. Document those risks in the Risk Project Log template.
 Perform a qualitative risk analysis using risk probability and impact analysis.
 Perform quantitative risk analysis.
 Determine and document the criteria used to determine which risks will have a risk response plan.
 Outline the timing—when and how often—of the risk management process in the project life cycle, including risk monitoring and controlling processes. Consider the following:
o Risk reassessment
o Risk audits
o Status meetings
Create speaker notes that illustrates your paper.
Provide a reference page
Format your references consistent with APA guidelines.
Provide a strong conclusion for the presentation.
Use a good mix of peer and non-peer-reviewed references with correct citations in your slides and notes. Write all papers/presentations in 3rd person.

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