Robert Lee and Ulysses Grant

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Question of Meaning 2. SUMMARIZE the background and the way of life that produced Robert E. Lee; then do the same for Ulysses S. Grant. According to Catton, what ideals did each man represent? 3. In the historian’s view, what essential traits did the two men have in common? Which trait does Catton think most important of all? For what reason? Question on Writing Strategy 2. What EFFECT does the writer achieve by setting both his INTRODUCTION and his CONCLUSION in Appomattox? 3. For what reasons does Catton contrast the two generals before he compares them? Suppose he had reversed his outline, and had dealt first with Grant’s and Lee’s mutual resemblances. Why would his essay have been less effective? 4. Closely read the first sentence of every paragraph and underline each word of phrase in it that serves as a TRANSITION. Then review your underlinings. How much COHERENCE had Catton given his essay?
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Robert Lee and Ulysses Grant
According to Catton (1986), the background that produced Robert Lee and Ulysses Grant seemed to have influenced what each held. Lee was brought up in a family, culture and tradition in which graciousness was the order of the day. He embodied a life style that was similar to that which had gone through knighthood and the English squire. Although America believed that all men are equal; Lee thought it will be of an advantage to have some inequality with a society. A leisure class will emerge bring forward a class of men who can be leaders On the other hand, Grant a son of a tanner was brought up in a tough way. He held nothing other than eternal toughness and sinewy fiber of men who grow beyond the mountains. He grew up holding respect as well as curtsy……..ORDER NOW..@…

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