Role of Governance in Health Care Organizations

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Write (1,150 words) on the concept of governance within a health care organization. address the following:


Role of Governance in Health Care Organizations

1) Corporate structure and how it impacts the effectiveness of governance.

2) Various roles of governance within the organizations and how they should interact within a team setting.

3) Concerns to consider when developing and strengthening a team culture. For example:

  1. a) Team members working independently or at cross-purposes.
  2. b) “Turf battles” that can slow or impede the accomplishment of project purposes.
  3. c) The tone of meetings and interactions that can be seen as negative, manipulative, directive, and/or secretive.
  4. d) Failure to properly apply governance concepts.


  1. e) A discussion of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and its impact on governance and senior management.

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