SAP implementation & ISM

SAP implementation & ISM

Carolina Turkeys processes 60-70 thousand turkeys every day. Think of what it takes to in terms of logistics to handle all of this processing, shipping and billing!
Task description:
Review the (video) then perform the following tasks.
1. Research this case via the library and Internet resources.
2. Create a 3-5 page essay in APA format (not including the cover page nor the reference page) discussing the SAP implementation at Carolina Turkeys. Your discussion should reference your research of Carolina Turkeys and what you?ve learned this term, including but not limited to issues of technology, ethical issues and/or management issues. Keep in mind, the focus of this paper is on the SAP implementation at Carolina Turkeys.
3. After your essay answer the following questions in question/answer format. Be sure to include both the question and answer! Note, these questions should not be answered with your opinion only. Back up your answer with research!
a. Do you think it would be possible to handle this kind of volume without an ERP system?
b. In what ways did Carolina Turkeys change their business processes?
c. Does 7 months to implement sound like it was too long or too short?
d. Were there any issues with their implementation?
e. What was Deloitte?s role in the SAP implementation?
f. Find and discuss a company that wasn?t as successful in implementing SAP. With proper research this should be at least 1-2 pages.


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