Science Fun and Learning Outdoor

Chapter 6 of the course text discusses science standards. In a two- to three-page paper use the information within Chapter 6, as well as additional resources, to develop two curriculum/activity plans designed to foster young children’s understanding of science concepts. The activity(s) must be designed for a preschool/outdoor learning environment and the paper must include the following:

Summary of an implementation plan for each curriculum/activity plan Description of an assessment plan for children’s learning Description of how each of the curriculum/activity plans support learning standards and align with developmentally appropriate practice

Refer to Chapter 6 of your text, at least two additional resources, and your own insights/experiences. Your paper must be two to three pages in length (double-spaced, not including title and reference pages) and utilize APA formatting. It must cite scholarly resources (including the course text). Citations must be properly formatted in APA style.

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