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For this next component, using your Scope and Requirements Analysis, create a set of requirements specifications that will be used as the foundation for this project. Create a document in which you:
1. Create a set of requirements specifications based on the scope and requirements analysis for your selected organization.
2. Organize your requirements specifications into a list that includes headings such as an identifier, date, and type of requirement, description, and source of information, locations, status, and priority.
3. Discuss appropriate ethical concerns that must be addressed while gathering requirements for the project.
Using your Requirements Specifications, create a set of requirements maps that will be used as the foundation for this project.
Complete the following:
1. Create a high-level requirements map showing geographic locations, organization functional areas, and network connections between locations.
2. For each location, create a requirements map that shows a high-level physical layout that includes locations, location names or identifiers, location of devices, how many devices at each location, how many users at each location, connections, types of connections, and location of applications.
3. For each location, show the relationships within locations, such as shared applications.

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