Select a manager within an organization to interview

Select a manager within an organization to interview. (This could be a former or current boss, a manager you know or a family member or neighbor.) When interviewing the individual, obtain information regarding specific communication breakdowns the person has experienced when communication has gone wrong. In these situations, the breakdowns often add tension to the relationships, affect the desired outcomes or can damage job security or advancement.

Communication breakdowns in internal politics

Communication breakdowns in decision making

Communication breakdowns in leadership

1)     Prepare for the interview by defining the three different kinds of breakdowns and identifying an example or two. It will help the interviewee understand what you are looking for and help you ask more focused questions.

2)     In the interview, specifically, ask how these breakdowns influenced the manager’s ability to function effectively in the job. Define the terms and give examples if that helps.

3)     In your notes list the steps the interviewee took to solve the problems and the tools the interviewee used.

4)     Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you summarize the interview: define the breakdowns, discuss the interviewee’s specific communication breakdowns and the actions the interviewee took.

5)     Identify two communication strategies, based on your findings from the article, your reading and your experience, that can be used to eliminate each communication breakdown. Discuss these strategies in your paper.

6)     Find a peer-reviewed article that contains practical information that could be used to improve/prevent at least one of the communication breakdowns.

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