Self-Determination Theory

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While designing educational programs, the instructional designer must keep in mind areas such as what the motives for learning are, how education leads to a transformational journey, how adults change and develop, how learning changes the adult, how barriers to learning and growth are removed, and how adults can be guided through a learning transition. One example of primary adult needs is acknowledging that as individuals mature, their self-concept moves from that of dependent personalities toward that of self-directing human beings. Adult learners often bring experiences and opinions to the classroom that are different from the experiences brought by traditional students, therefore, adding value to the learning experience. As an instructional designer or a teacher, you must also keep in mind the potential changes that can occur in adults through these courses.
In this assignment, you will focus on the needs, priorities, and learning theories for designers when designing educational programs for adult learners.
• Explain the self-determination theory as it relates to adult learners.
• Provide examples of the self-determination theory as it applies to the application of technology, classroom teaching, and motivation.

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