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• Attempt this assignment after you have read the supplied presentation “SM2013.pdf”.
• Be critical (addressing both pros and cons)
• Backup argument by referring to service marketing models available in the presentation (see slide 54 for a summary), including and not limited to:
o RATER model – dimensions of customer expectations
o Gap Model – minimise the gap- Parasuraman et al. (Zeithaml&Bitner 1996)
o Kano’s Two Factor Model
o Dynamics of perception gaps: Mäkelin and Vespäläinen
o The Gale model
o Grönroos’ Perceived Service Quality model
• Grönroos’ “Service Management and Marketing” book is the core reference for this essay, use it as much as possible. Here is a link
• To reference the text from the presentation use (SM2013) and in the bibliography section just place “SM2013”.
• You must use Harvard referencing system.
• Word count is 3,000. This does NOT include bibliography, tables and figures.
You are an external consultant appraising an organisation in the service sector in terms of its service marketing and management.
Give a strategic evaluation of the organisation‘s current approach and performance, on both operations and marketing with examples to support your analysis, and make a set of recommendations with suitable priorities to indicate how the organisation can improve.
In developing the analysis and recommendations, you should draw upon both appropriate tools/frameworks from the presentation AND your own critical review of relevant literature. Reference may also be made to exemplar organisations in the same or in other industry sectors.

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