Sex Selective Abortion

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The paper should have headings for each section.
Introduction should be at least one page. It should introduce the topic and discuss the purpose of this paper which is to inform about sex selective abortion and its negative impact on humans. Basically this paper should present the point of view against sex selective abortion. Introduction should have definition, background information, importance of the topic to society.
Points to cover in the paper are:
1. Definition of the sex-selective abortion
2. Stages of pregnancy that allow determining the gender (week 12 and 13)
3. Fetal development in week 12 and 13
4. Human/fetal rights?
5. Methods of abortion
• Surgical abortion
• Injection
• Drugs (over-the-counter medication)
6. Sex selective abortion affecting human sex ratio
7. India
8. China
9. United States
10. Cultural preferences
11. Sexual discrimination
12. One-child policy
13. Demography issues and wifeless men
14. United States law regarding sex-selective abortion
15. Negative impact of sex selective abortion on humans
Suggested sources (however, there are other sources required to support the main points of the paper):
Bedi, Sonu. Why a Criminal Prohibition on Sex Selective Abortions Amounts to a Thought Crime. Criminal Law & Philosophy; Oct2011, Vol. 5 Issue 3, p349-360, 12p
Nie, Jing-Bao. Non-medical sex-selective abortion in China: ethical and public policy issues in the context of 40 million missing females. British Medical Bulletin; Jun2011, Vol. 98 Issue 1, p7-20, 14p
Greaves, Jason C. Sex-Selective Abortion in the U.S.: Does Roe v. Wade Protect Arbitrary Gender Discrimination? George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal; Summer2013, Vol. 23 Issue 3, p333-363, 31p
Gillette, Justin. Pregnant and Prejudiced: The Constitutionality of Sex- and Race-Selective Abortion Restrictions. Washington Law Review. Jun2013, Vol. 88 Issue 2, p645-682. 38p.
D’Souza, Irene. Where have the GIRLS GONE? Herizons. Fall2012, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p30-33. 4p.
Williams, Jeremy. Sex-Selective Abortion: A Matter of Choice. Law & Philosophy; Mar2012, Vol. 31 Issue 2, p125-159, 35p
Rogers W ; Ballantyne A ; Draper H. Is Sex-selective abortion morally justified and should it be prohibited? Bioethics (BIOETHICS), 2007 Nov; 21 (9): 520-4.
Hvistendahl, Mara. Unnatural Selection. Psychology Today; July/August 2011, Vol. 44 Issue 4, p80-87, 8p

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