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shipping law-coursework shipping law-coursework one- Explain and critically evaluate the concept of freedom of navigation .How does the law of the sea draw a balance between : a) providing and facilitating free/ innocent passage.and (b) imposing restraints on such navigation?. Your answer should include:proper references to the legalprinciples contained in the law of the sea convention 1982 as well as to the decided caselaw. .References to contemporary events.Analysis of relevant policy considertions(these include global politics,economics and international maritime strategy). Further guidance relating substantive content will be provided during the course of Term One. pls.note this.what you write must be relevant.If it is not obvious that it is relevant,then you must justify its inclusion. Adopt a critical approach. The easiest way to do this is to identify and comment on any strengths or shortcomings(i e identify any actual or potential problems). Please avoid any unnecessary introductions. Ru Essay writing Help

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