should exotic animals be smuggled and raised as pets in the U.A.E. Research Paper Help

should exotic animals be smuggled and raised as pets in the U.A.E. sources should not be blogs. articles would be bettter and the source should not be bias. use the files that i uploaded to help you write. also intext citation should be used. no direct quotation should be used in the introduction nor the conclusion. quoting or referencing should be in the body paragraphs as evidence or support but not the intro or concluding sentence. introduction: hook(question), context, thesis statement(should have the 3 main points of the body paragraph.) body paragraph: topic sentence (each body paragraph should cover a point from the thesis), support and examples (an intext citation is to be used in every body paragraph), and a concluding sentence. conclusion: restate thesis statement, restate major points, Indicate the relationship between the main ideas and thesis, Offer some kind of recommendation or solution, or maybe a call for future action or research. Ru Essay writing Help

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