Should Organs for Transplant be Sold or Donated?

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An argumentative essay about whether organs for transplant should be sold or donated. I am with selling organs (this is my position), and I want the structure of the essay to be block by block. In the body, first it should be the arguments of the other position (with organ donation) I want 3 arguments. Then the rebuttals of their arguments (there could be more than one rebuttal for each argument). Last thing mentioned in the body should be the arguments that support my position (with organ selling), I also want 3 arguments. Also, there should be an evidence for each argument and rebuttal. Please reference any information used. The word limit is between 900-1700 words (quotes and references are not counted), so please do not write more or less than that. Statistics and organ systems in countries such as Spain, Belgium,Iran, etc can be used to support arguments and rebuttals. Please do not forget the in-text citation. The structure of the essay should be like this: I. Introduction: -Explanation of the issue -Thesis statement ( This should also show my position which is with organ selling) II. Body: Block 1 A. Summary of the other side’s arguments ( I want 3, and a support for each argument like statistics, or any type of evidence) B.Rebuttal to the first argument ( support with evidence) C.Rebuttal to the second argument ( support with evidence) D.Rebuttal to the third argument ( support with evidence) Block 2 E.Your first argument ( support with evidence) F.Your second argument ( support with evidence) G.Your third argument ( support with evidence) III. Conclusion- may include a summary of your point of view I will also upload the criteria (what I am going to be graded on). In the previous order the arguments and rebuttals were not separated, so can you please separate them. Also please use different arguments if possible but the rebuttals should be different.

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