Should the government ban advertising to children ? is it ethical?

Part 1: About two paragraphs
Introduction: This part should state the question you chose.It should also include a description for each of the three commercials or ads you found that you will use as the framework for this assignment.
Part:2 About three to four paragraphs

Research: This part should present a discussion of the ethical issue as it relates to your question. You will need to create a short literature review of articles and information you researched on your topic.This should be the longest section of your essay.Be sure to include in-text references in APA format.You should be presenting five researched soruces in this section.
Part 3 : About two to three paragraphs
Discussion: This is where you discuss the connection between your topic question and the information you researched.Make a connection by forming your own conclusion and opinion about the topic back it up with the information you found in your research (part2)
Part 4: References: Your five references should be set up in APA format.Include the
Part 5: List the link to the three commercials or the three images of the ads you used for this assignment.(Note: you can use a combination of commercials and ads if you prefer.
For example: one commercial and two ads or two commercials and one ad.)

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