Site Analysis: Mapping as Analytical & Descriptive Research Paper Help

Site Analysis: Mapping as Analytical & Descriptive successful mapping . If you are done in less time, challenge yourself with the following questions: 1) What is my thesis, what question is my mapping trying to answer? 2) Do I have at least 4 variables identified? 3) What am I comparing? What is the contextual information I need to offer understanding of my data and analysis? 4) How is time addressed? ( decades, years, days, hours, minutes, seconds) 5) can I / should I show multiple scales 6) How are the qualitative aspects of the analysis shown? 7) Is my graphic clear? 8) Is my mapping revealing relationships and conclusions? 9) Are photographs used effectively, and is information filtered to show only what is relevant to my analysis? 10) How is text being used to help guide and inform my audience Ru Essay writing Help

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