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Site layout on a confined site Site layout decisions (e.g. plant, materials, accommodation, hoardings, etc) depend on many factors. One significant factor is the nature of the site. You are part of the management team of a construction company. You have won a contract for the construction of a -storey mix development in CBD. The building occupies the complete area of ti site. The site is surrounded on three sides by high-rise buildings. The building has an in-situ concrete frame with curtain walling. Describe FOUR (4) site layout problems and possible solutions to these problems. State any assumptions. Consideration of the problems and suggested solutions should enable you to: a) Appreciate the process of problem resolution for the site management team b) Evaluate options and set criteria for an appropriate solution c) Source information to assist in problem identification and resolution. Your solution should be based on further reading of the topics considered in Construction Site Management. Ru Essay writing Help

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