Slavery in 21st Century

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Slavery in 21st Century
Slave trader flourished in the USA but abruptly came to an end from activism from anti-slavery crusaders. It is therefore unfortunate to know that it still exist in the 21st century only that the trends has changed. We no longer witness powerful white regime raiding certain villages in Africa and capturing black men and women to sell them to American merchants who later sold them as slaves to American farmers and households. Initially, it was common to identify a slave from the American population but as time has lapsed, the trends have changed systems have become quite hard to distinguish between a common American from a slave. The fact is, America has millions of slaves but unfortunately they are not all black as one might think. Slaves are collected from many parts of Africa, Middle East, Far East, South America, and Asia and also there are some Native Americans who serve as slaves. Back before1850, it was legal to own a slave within the USA but time has changed and slavery is now viewed as in human and actually carry long jail terms. In recent years, the trend has adopted various models including: forced labor, under age slavery, women trafficking…ORDER NOW….

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