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During slavery, tremendous efforts were made to keep the black family together. The African American male encountered many obstacles in attempting to maintain a decent family life. Once slavery ended, the Black man assumed the role of head of his household. Once slavery ended, the Black man assumed the role of head of his household.
Discuss the following:
a. What duties did he expect his wife to perform? (What did he expect her to do in running the household?)
b. How did the Black woman “stand by her man”? What specific things did she do to support her husband?
c. What did the newly freed slave (freedman) see as his role as a husband and father.
Write the questions before writing the answers. Read separate sheet for the research paper directions
3.3. Write each question before answering.
4.4. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Plagiarism is copying or paraphrasing without giving the author credit. You will receive a grade of “F” if you plagiarize.
5.5. Critically analyze and evaluate the material you read. Express an opinion which is based on evidence you have presented.
6.6. Number each page at the top.
7.7. Proofread your paper before turning it in. Correct your spelling and grammatical errors before submitting your paper.
8.8. Do not use an encyclopedia or your textbook as a resource.
9.9. Internet use should apply to historical documented sites only.
10. Use 1.5 spacing.
11. You are responsible for making a copy of your paper before submitting it. You MUST ALWAYS keep a copy of your work.
12. You need a bibliography. Your bibliography goes at the end of your paper on a separate sheet. It should contain the author’s name, title of the book, publisher and year published. Use appropriate internet citing.
13. Write your answers in essay form. Letter each section and write the question before you respond to the question. Your paper will not be read unless you have lettered (labeled) your answer.
1.Use 12-14 font.
15. Paper is three pages.
16. Your paper must be placed in an appropriate folder or cover.
17. If writing is not one of your strengths, start your paper early and do not rely on your ability to write it the night before it is due.
18. NO LATE papers will be accepted.

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