Social Interaction and Everyday Life: Norm-Breaking Experiments Research Paper Help

Social Interaction and Everyday Life: Norm-Breaking Experiments Order Description Norm-breaking experiment questions: (Results of the same experiment to be done three times). ? What was the norm you were trying to break? -What did you expect to find? -How did you do the experiment? -What did you actually find? Report on your own experiences. -What do your experimental results tell you about the nature of social rule you are trying to study? -Did you find anything surprising or funny? -How did people?s reactions to the norm-breaking differ? Be as systematic as you can about this. Are there differences by race or gender or class or age? How about social setting or time of day? If you don?t have variability across these dimensions (and you couldn?t possibly get sufficient variability across more than a few), think about how your limited research framework may affect your results. Based on your own experience, what do you think can be learned from norm-breaking experiments? Ru Essay writing Help

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