Social Marketing and Sustainability Campaign presentation for Obesity Research Paper Help

Social Marketing and Sustainability Campaign presentation for Obesity Order Description design a social marketing campaign presentation for obesity (e.g., NSW?s Healthy Eating Active Living; Shape Up). 1.1 Summarise the key background information leading to the development of this issue (e.g. decreased whale populations). o Why is this a problem? What is the cost to the community of this problem continuing? o What has been tried so far? What impact has that had? Why do we need a fresh approach? 1.2 Describe your campaign purpose (e.g. protection of whales), focus (e.g. change laws prohibiting whaling) and intended impact or benefit (e.g. increase whale numbers). PLEASE NOTE the ?whale population? is for example purposes and obesity is my topic. Hence, my presentation should not mention whales. In your reference, please ensure you refer to Australian statistics, references and organisations. ÿPLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT Ru Essay writing Help

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