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> The essay must have an title, introduction, at least body three paragraphs, and a conclusion.
> Get organized before you begin to write.
> You must include three correctly documented quotes or paraphrases from two good outside sources. Note: Remember to enclose the exact words of your sources in quotation marks.
> Use MLA rules for formatting your paper and documenting your sources.
> You must use in-text citations each time you use the words or ideas of your sources in the essay.
> You must include your works cited list at the end of your essay. (Note: The Bedford Bibliographer is a great tool for creating perfect lists!) Include the URL for online sources. Scan and attach pages from print sources.
> Use sources to support your own ideas. You know about the topic and can write a great deal from your own personal views on the subjects. Use sources to support your own ideas. Of course, you are expected to use expert opinion, facts, statistics, and other information you find in your research.

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