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social norms activity activity/ write up: norms activity/ write-up: in an effort to gain personal experience with social psychological principles, students will be expected to 1) create and participate in a social psychological experiment and 2) create an approximately 2 page write-up documenting their experience. details will be discussed after relevant material is covered in class. the assignment will be worth 40 pts what are you expected to do? 1) violate a social norm ( could be most anything do not pick something dangerous/illegal) at least 5 times ( violate the same norm 5 times ) 2) write a 2-3 page paper addressing the following a. define a social norm ( use your text for help if you need to) b. what norm did you violate? c. describe your experience in some detail d. how did you feel prior to the norm violation ? e. how did it make you feel while you where violating the norms? f. how did the people around you react? give some detail here. g. what are the implications of this ? Ru Essay writing Help

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