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You are required to apply the concepts from following to a current topic in the public domain in order to prepare students for their team project.
You will be given a newspaper article that has a topic focus of socially innovative commerce.
You are to draw upon the relevant material analyse the provided newspaper article, identify and critically evaluate using two of the following theoretical principles: ( Be crefull!! You can just use TWO of them in your essay. Thus, you cannot exeed or be low on Two.)
• Dynamics of systems
• Theoretical issues
• Values and identity
• Corporate governance
• Theories and global commerce
Hints You should NOT talk about concepts or definitions too much, more importantly, the links between the article and the concepts that you will choose TWO. So, You sould concider which TWO of concepts fit the article, and try to find out what the links are.
Dmonstrate an ability to link theoretical underpinnings to an issue in the public domain.
o Demonstrate ability to relate socially innovative or socially responsible practices to a commercial practice.
o Demonstrate the skills of critical analysis
You MUST use academic journal articles.

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