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social theory-michel foucault Order Description The paper is marked by content and style = 1.Summary of readings clear; topic of reading understood good explanation/understanding 2.Clear and concise; no extraneous words 3.Central argument of each presented well; critical concepts in readings analyzed 4.Development of a personal ?style? Varied, rhythmical sentences 5.Close reading demonstrated; apt and well-chosen citations; good examples 6.Vocabulary is appropriate and effective 7.Sociologically imaginative 8.Pleasure to read The two readings are 1.Foucault, Michel (1984) ?Discipline and Sciences of the Individual?: In Paul Rabinow, ed., The Foucault Reader. New York: Vintage: 170-214. KIT. 2.Oksala, J.Ch. 6, ?The Prison?: 55-63. Ru Essay writing Help

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