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Social Vulnerability to Disasters Order Description Your Written Assignment is to choose one of the following questions: 1. In your textbook ? Social Vulnerability to Disasters ? on page 350, Section 15.5.1 there is a section entitled ?Guiding Principles.? These are principles for moving toward a vulnerability approach. Choose and discuss one of these principles. 2. Can disasters bring about social change? abstract, discussion, conclusion You must use 2 scholarly sources other than your textbook for each assignment. Be sure the sources are credible and professional. The only sources that count for this category are Journal articles from academic journals, academic books and government information references Phillips, Thomas, Fothergill and Blinn-Pike (Eds.) . (2013). (2nd ed.) Social Vulnerability to Disasters. CRC Press. ISBN:978-1-4200-7856-5 Ru Essay writing Help

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