Sociolinguistic Language and Gender Research Development Introduction Research Paper Help

Sociolinguistic Language and Gender Research Development Introduction this is mainly an edit to a previous paper. unfortunately i have failed the assignment and therefore need a revision/rewrite. as i did not originally write the paper, it was hard for me to make the appropriate changes that were asked by the professor so i will attach the remarks so they can be used to properly revise the essay.edit as asked as well as add anything necessary to expand the paper in the best way possible. use more recent studies, at least within the last 5-10 years and make it all more cohesive and structured. the original question that the paper needed to answer was: Language and gender research has moved on from the early studies of differences between men?s and women?s speech to a broader consideration of how gender is expressed in speech. Trace this development, using examples. Ru Essay writing Help

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