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Unless you have a copy of “A Concise Introduction to Linguistics 3rd Edition”, you will have to follow the following instructions to get the book which is essential to the assignment. You will have to go to and sign in as me. Username: password: abcd1234 you then have to go to account and then ebook library. You will have to download the Adobe reader to open the book. Once you download it, you will find under vendors and log in as me again. That should give you access to the book. After submitting the order, I will attach the movie and the instructions for the paper. You will have to watch the movie, paying specific attention to detail. The paper should be based on the language spoken by the Indians. The paper should be about 3 and a half pages long. DO NOT GO OVER 4. Please be careful as to cite only the book and the movie. An “unofficial” source you can draw influence from is: Thank you so much and sorry for such short notice!

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