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sociological perspective From a sociological perspective, how is adolescence predominantly a social construction rather than the common sense notion of a stage created by hormones? If this doesn?t ring a bell, go back to the socialization chapter in the Macionis text to page 77 at his overview at the top of the page. He only gives it brief coverage?.but he does state a common sociological finding. Adolescence did not emerge until a very specific subsistence level in history (see page 46 & page 77). In other words, before that time, adolescence really did not exist!! Puberty is a biological stage..but it is not the mark of adolescence world-wide or for all of history. Chapter 3 does not go into a full explanation as to why. It only drops some hints! Another hint of the chapter headings that we?ve covered so far presents a more precise designation /description/ definition of the concept! So what is it? Defend your answer! Ru Essay writing Help

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