Sociology of the family

Sociology of the family

A.)  Religious views and importance of values in the household
B.) How does the Godly Family separate the differences in views between the Modern Day Family
C.) OTHER RELATED topics-“The Godly Family of Colonial Massachusetts” Puritans didn’t really think of their family as a private household, but as an essential part of

society. Many communities tied families to each other by birth or marriage. The communities of the seventeenth-century, being small, had many marriages and remarriages

that created a kinship, which was a difficult to understand. In-laws and distant cousins were known as brothers, sister, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, and cousins.

This relationship was very important in the social, economic life of the community, because it helped to develop trading networks and investments.

3.  The Modern Day Family/The Companionate Family
A.) Religious views and importance of values in the household – The Modern Family is more of a friendship between the husband and wife while the children are seen more

like friends.
B.) How does the Modern Day Family separate the differences in views between the Godly Family
1.) Husbands and wives were encouraged by the growing numbers of professionals in marriage counseling, sex education, and sex counseling to seek emotional and sexual

fulliment (Jackson 1994)
2.) Women and men used in Modern day Families used a wide variety of ways to control fertility.
3.) The ideal of the Compassionate Family also called for changing the relationship between the parents and the children. During this period, relationships between

children and parents became more intimate and affectionate, and children were allowed greater freedom.
4. Religious Differences yet many families are Catholic how do they sort thru this set of difference in American b/n Godly and Modern),


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