Sociology Order Description The assignment will consist of c Research Paper Help

Sociology Order Description The assignment will consist of comparing and contrasting the work and contributions of two (2) anthroplogists; Margaret Mead and Franz Boas and two (2) sociologists; Charles H Cooley and Marlene Mackie. Assignment format and requirements: ? Use ASA (American Sociological Association) Style Guide for referencing. Text citations must be sourced. ? Reference TEN credible cources (five per set of theorists) outside of my textbooks (e.g. books, journal articles). NO Internet references ? Assignments should be typed in 12-point font size, double spaced, with right and left margins no less than 1 1/4 inch each. ? Length required 8-10 pages (double spaced, 4-5 pages per answer) Put page numbers in the lower right hand corner ? A cover page and references are required. to check out this link for tips. Ru Essay writing Help

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