Sociology Questions: 1. Why might some sociologists argue th Research Paper Help

Sociology Questions: 1. Why might some sociologists argue that the sociology of deviance is ?dead?? 2. In The Rules of Sociological Method, Durkheim argues that crime serves a purpose within a society. What purpose does he think it serves and how does he think it works? Is Durkheim?s theory about crime a normative theory, or does it come from the labelling perspective?(See Roach Anleu AND Durkheim, week 2) 3. Labelling theorists have argued that our sociological understandings of deviance should look beyond norm-breaking activities. What do they think we should study instead? 4. In the brief excerpt from Foucault?s Madness and Civilization, you?ll read about a process of control being exerted over a seventeen-year-old girl. How does this fit in with the three central themes of Foucault?s analysis provided by Roach Anleu? Ru Essay writing Help

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