solve a case study Order Description You are required to ana Research Paper Help

solve a case study Order Description You are required to analyze the case based on the following five (5) questions either by answering each question individually or in an essay format. The analysis should be written between 4-6 typewritten pages, single space, Times New Roman, 12 Font. The analysis is research-based which requires you to conduct outside research on Henry Schein, use citations and references and any other evidence you find appropriate to support your answers. QUESTION 1 Henry Schein (HS) went from annual revenues of $225 million in 1989 to more than $9 billion, 800,000 customers, and nearly 16,000 employees around the world in 2013. What are the reasons behind its tremendous success so far? QUESTION 2 Can other firms replicate the success of HS? What in your opinion prevents other companies from pursuing the ?Team Schein? approach? QUESTION 3 What are the biggest challenges to the sustainability of HS? What can Stan Bergman do to prepare the company for these challenges? QUESTION 4 How would you describe the corporate culture at HS? Where does this culture come from? What are the culture?s implications on HS?s overall strategy? QUESTION 5 Where is the company today in 2015? In your opinion what should HS?s future strategy be? Justify and support your answer with examples. EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR THE WRITTEN CASE ANALYSIS Answering the Questions correctly: 55 points Length: 8 points Language: 15 points Format Structure: 5 points Citations/References: 17 points Ru Essay writing Help

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