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something about the physics This is the guide sent by instructor for physics 1: Requirements for the essay are: *) About 1925 words long *) Write something about how the physics we have learnt in class apply to some of your daily life and experiences. This could range from describing how a car works in terms of angular and linear motion, to dropping a glass of milk on the floor (gravity, center of motion, etc). Make sure that you do not write pure nonsense. of course. However I will not grade on scientific accuracy, but on quality of writing. Other than spelling and grammar, this will mainly include: *) Use of correct language in a professional environment *) No overlong sentences, repetitions, more of the same, repeating what you have just said, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,? *) Paragraphs of reasonable size *) Clarity of the line of thought. Ru Essay writing Help

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