sONY Answer these questions from the book Consumer Behavior Research Paper Help

sONY Answer these questions from the book Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategyÿ Ninth Editionÿ 1. Identify and discuss some of the cultural meanings for Sony possessed by consumers in your country. Discuss how these cultural meanings were developed and how they influence consumers behavior( and affect and cognition). What is the role of marketing strategies in creating and maintaining ( or modifying) these cultural meaning? 2. It is often stated that the world is becoming smaller because today people can communicate relatively easily across time and distance. Discuss weather that has been beneficialÿ for Sony.ÿ What are some marketing challenges it presents? 3. What do you think about Sony?s tradition of region- specific or nation-specific marketing? Would Sony be better served by working to create a more uniform global image? Ru Essay writing Help

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