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Soul By Soul Review Paper Order Description 1) Summarize the book or article (usually in a single, brief, concise paragraph at the beginning of your critique) and briefly state the author?s thesis (main point). 2) Place the author?s thesis in context. Describe the author?s viewpoint and purpose for writing. Why is the author?s argument significant? How does it differ from what most previous historians have believed? What idea(s) is the author arguing against? 3) Briefly note the most important evidence the author presents to support his or her thesis. Devote one paragraph of 4-6 sentences to each major section of the book. 4) Evaluate the author?s use of evidence. Is the argument convincing? Has the author provided enough compelling evidence to convince you that the argument is valid? 5) Conclude with a final evaluation of the book. You might discuss who would find it useful and why. Ru Essay writing Help

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