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Choose a film from the silent era, or a group of related short films. (Do not choose a film we’ve discussed in class: The Great Train Robbery, The Scarecrow, Battleship Potemkin, Sunrise, Metropolis.) Research the film to make sure that you are hearing a historically authentic score. If the film has an original score, find a version of the film with this score. If the film does not have an original score, find a version in which an attempt was made to score the film in an authentic way.
There are numerous films available on DVD at the library and streaming online. Several websites that stream films without charge are listed here: Make sure that the sound quality is high.
Soundtrack reports are about listening, not research. The point is to listen closely to a film’s soundtrack using the skills we’ve learned in class. You are free to choose the same film as someone else in class, but you must write the report alone.
Reports should begin by providing the following information:
Name of film
Year of release
Source of music: is it an original score? (if so, who composed it?) or an improvised score? (if so, by whom?) or, is the score compiled? (if so, what pieces of music does it include?)
Instrumentation (identify as best you can by listening)
The remainder of the report should include the following:
Overview of the soundtrack: general description and noteworthy features
Commentary on how the soundtrack relates to the historical developments we’ve been studying (you may also want to compare the soundtrack to specific films)
Detailed analysis of the soundtrack in one scene of particular interest, using the terminology we’ve learned when possible

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